GSE Saturation Goals

At Vision USA Church Planting, our primary desire is to connect relationally to at least one leader who has a desire to reach the lost in their region.

We use a pathway to break down what may be viewed as an impossible task into twelve much smaller next steps.

First, let’s look at Saturation Goals, then the twelve specific steps. The first six steps move us to a new church; the second six further establish the church and help her engage with other regional churches.

Saturation Goals

1. Adopt a prayer focus

  • To what level do you understand GSE? (Gatherer/shepherd/elder)
  • Who do you know that will join you in praying for a multiplication of new churches

2. Identify an apostolic regional leader

  • Who is the known and accepted regional church planting leader in your context?
  • Is this leader you?

3. Cast a regional vision

Once you have a prayer network begging Jesus for regional saturation and you know who the regional apostolic leader is, you can begin to hone down on the region.

  • How can you best arrange a gathering to cast this vision?
  • Who must be at this meeting?

4. Embrace multi-GSE expressions in the field

How can you find other ways to engage GSE concepts to further Jesus’ mission? We are currently engaging gathering ideas in two applications:

  1. Starting new churches
  2. Assisting established churches in forming an intentional gathering culture in their church family.
  • How else can GSE assist?
  • Where are key places we can do these two things?

GSE Pathway Coaching Tool (PDF)


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