Church Starting Process, pt 2

What do you have a lot of?

In a previous blog post, I discussed the need for a church starting process that matches what I have a whole lot of, and I have a whole lot of no money.

How about you? What do you have a whole lot of to use to impact your region for Jesus Christ?

To drive home the point, consider this:

“Sid Porter says, ‘If you want 1,000 pounds of meat, raise elephants. If you want 1,000 tons of meat, raise rabbits.’ If you put two elephants in a room and two rabbits in a room, in three years you will have three elephants and 476 million rabbits.” (Browning, Deliberate Simplicity, 198)

If elephant churches are numerically large churches and if rabbit churches are numerically small churches, while loving elephants, how comfortable are we with churches beginning small numerically?

If we intentionally choose a church starting process that reproduces easily, we can have a greater impact.

What process are you using to start churches?

Are you comfortable with rabbit churches?

Let’s talk.