This is the most fascinating question. As I am blessed to travel around, I both ask this question and simply listen to other Christian leaders talk about church and their definitions. The answer to ‘what is church’ is intriguing.

What I hear most is how beautiful and amazing church is. How Jesus made church so adaptive to what she needs to be, how she can go into absolutely any situation and live well. Jesus’ work in giving us ‘church’ is great!

I also hear church defined and described by land and building and numbers – the number of people attending and offering amounts. This is mostly in the USA, of course. Both in the USA and outside the USA there are people who avoid using land/building/numbers to define church, which is good.

I do not read where Jesus used land and building nor even numbers to define church – except for how you may take Matthew 18 where Jesus said “where two or three are gathered.”

All this to say, in Vision USA Church Planting, we have our own specific definition of what church is – please see this two-minute video to see how we are processing church and what church is in our network:

Thanks Todd S for your pictures!