The Benefits of GSE Church Planting

How GSE benefits church planting and revitalization

If you are a lead pastor or senior pastor in the midst of reconnecting with the harvest, allow me to introduce you to the benefits of GSE church planting.

The GSE process is based on simple concepts, fitted together to help you accomplish your Great Commission vision for your region.

Benefits of GSE Church Planting

  1. Easy engagement and understanding – which is to say, ordinary people can do this. Movement and momentum in Jesus’ harvest becomes an everyday thing in your region.
  2. You do not need dedicated mission monies to plant a church. GSE church plants are sustainable in all applications.
  3. By design, GSE church plants do not meet on Sunday mornings, which allows connectedness and relational support. Staying close to “mom” means families can stay with their mother church, tell stories, engage discipleship, and participate in youth and kids’ ministries, etc.
  4. GSE mobilizes sodalic /apostolic people to experience a new sense of kingdom usefulness which matches their wiring.
  5. Missional Ecclesiology – since all can participate, missional ecclesiology becomes foremost in the life of the local church.
  6. GSE church plants connect to the real spiritual need for the gospel with a simple process.
  7. GSE church plants thrive in the normal church life cycle with which most pastors are comfortable. In other words, a GSE church plant can have a life cycle similar to the church you are already pastoring.
  8. Bottom line: GSE can assist you in the fulfillment of your Great Commission vision for your region.


Excerpted from Gathering to Movement, pp 91-92


Are you interested in learning more about the GSE Process and how it can help you grow your church? Let’s talk.