Identify a Gatherer

How do I identify a gatherer? Since the GSE process depends upon finding a gatherer, it is a key question. I suggest this process:

1. Know what the Bible says about gatherers.

Know the biblical examples of gathering and the 14 Greek words that express ‘gather to mission’ across the New Testament – 119 occurrences, all listed in my book: Gathering to Mission: Gathering as Essential to our Culture. This gives us the biblical definition and platform from which to work.

2. Talk to people.

Think of the people you know who are just very friendly with other people, who love to talk to others. Make a list of those you feel are great gatherers.

3. Sign up for training to learn how to identify a gatherer.

GSE training will help you identify gatherers.

4. Use the free, online gatherer assessment.

This online assessment is a behavioral, self-assessment. Take it yourself, then ask potential gatherers you meet to take the assessment too. It should take about fifteen minutes.

Looking for more information about GSE and how to identify a gatherer? Let’s talk.