Gatherers: The Single Biggest Missing Tool

Over the past several blogs we’ve explored the need for church multiplication vs church addition; but to accomplish multiplication we need to fundamentally redefine church; and once redefined, we need to transition from an elephant church model to a rabbit church model. How do we achieve all this? With Gatherers. Gatherers are the “go to” Read More

Small Church, Big Impact

Meet Friendship Grace Brethren Rich Schnieders pastors Friendship Grace Brethren Church in Fort Myers, Florida. His church is numerically small – 20 something on a Sunday morning – and has been small since its beginning some 20 years ago. But they get so much done. The church is short in physical numbers but long on Read More

The Gatherer

  by Matt Frazier-VisionUSA Field Team   We look to examine the Gatherer this month as we continue to learn about the three roles of the GSE Process (Gatherer, Shepherd, and Elder). The Gatherer is the one role that is not specifically named in the Bible. However, the concept saturates the New Testament. In fact, Read More

The Great Barrier

If church planting is meant to be as simple as Jesus taught, what is the problem? Why are we not all doing it? If ordinary people are supposed to do it, what is hindering us? There are many answers, but I want to explore just one today. I won’t traverse all of Scripture, but will Read More

Gather or Be Gathered

As I study the biblical pathway of gathering, I continue to learn and marvel at how Jesus does this. Since discerning what the Bible has to say so clearly about gatherers, I have worked to train others in Simple Gathering. But I have become aware of another kind of gathering, thanks to a key leader Read More

Gatherers are not Evangelists – Distinction 3

A third distinction between evangelists and gathers is that evangelists keep on moving, both with individuals and with local assemblies. Evangelists are gifted to share the truth of the gospel with people. I watch them and love to see them work. As they tell people about Jesus and His gospel, they proclaim, they reach, and Read More