Gather or Be Gathered

As I study the biblical pathway of gathering, I continue to learn and marvel at how Jesus does this.

Since discerning what the Bible has to say so clearly about gatherers, I have worked to train others in Simple Gathering.

But I have become aware of another kind of gathering, thanks to a key leader in our network who experienced this and helped me see it.

I’ll call it Incarnational Gathering.

Put simply, when you know enough about gatherers and how they work and you recognize a gatherer, you allow them to gather you into their relational network.

The backstory: My friend often visits a coffee shop. He works on messages, connects with people, works to gather, etc. While there, he observed a man who regularly visits the coffee shop and is a profound gatherer. He is the guard of the door into this large relational network that he owns.

My friend understood this because he understands biblical gathering. So he made the simple decision to allow this guy to gather him into his relational network.

As a result, my friend found himself at a table with 6-10 unsaved people, free to talk Jesus Christ with them because he was gathered in. The Profound Gatherer is not yet a follower of Jesus. He knows my friend is a pastor; he knows he follows Jesus. But it is ok, he was gathered.

My friend:

  1. Understood, biblically, what gathering is all about and who Gatherers are.
  2. Recognized a Gatherer.
  3. Was available to the Gatherer at the coffee shop.
  4. Allowed himself to be gathered.
  5. Now talks about Jesus Christ with people who need to know Him.

How often is this option available to you?

Do you see such opportunities? Are you willing to allow yourself to be gathered?

Would you like to know more about gathering? Let’s talk.