Gatherers are not Evangelists – Distinction 3

A third distinction between evangelists and gathers is that evangelists keep on moving, both with individuals and with local assemblies.

Evangelists are gifted to share the truth of the gospel with people. I watch them and love to see them work. As they tell people about Jesus and His gospel, they proclaim, they reach, and then they move on. They are gifted in seeing people receive the gospel truth and become born again.

At that point, the evangelist’s task with the individual and with the local assembly often ends. They have an awesome gift, and they use it well.

Gatherers, on the other hand, come back. Gatherers engage people relationally, working to gather them to the local church and then continue working, engaging, building.

Gatherers also tend to stay with a local church where they continue to gather.

How might you build a team of gatherers from your church family?

How could you engage gatherers to extend the impact of the gospel both in your local church and regionally?

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