Gatherers are not Evangelists – Distinction 2

In my just-shy-of-forty-years of vocational ministry, I have met six evangelists who self-identify as evangelists. Perhaps I am not hanging out in the right places, but I am not meeting large numbers of men and women who will raise a hand when asked, “Are you a gifted evangelist?”

The gifted evangelists I know are amazing. I will go with them anywhere they want to go, but I am not finding many who self-identify to this awesome gift. This has many implications.

If I were only able to start churches with gifted evangelists, I would not be able to start many churches.

Gatherers on the other hand, easily and quickly self-identify. My most common response when I describe a gatherer is, “I did not know I could do this for Jesus!”

As leaders, we must help gatherers understand who they are. As they come to grips with their identity and why Jesus made them as they are, much can happen.

How are you positioning and discipling your church family to understand gathering and gatherers?

What are key next steps to identify and empower gatherers where you are?

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