GSE Final Six Steps

The final six steps follow in this order:

7. Listen for and discover the Elder

The elder (1 Timothy 3/Titus 1) is key to the church’ss establishment. Elders do many things, but one thing they do without effort is bring longevity to the new church.

Questions to consider:

  • Who is the best elder candidate to become part of this new church, either from the harvest or from another church in the network?
  • How do I best make these elders or discover these elders in my denominational or network system?

8. Formal system launch

Elders excel at system building. Moving necessary functions from individual engagement to team and system movement. Three key system areas are 1. A care system; 2. A worship system; 3. A children’s ministry system.

Questions to consider:

  • How can I best take what is already happening and move to a systems process?
  • Where is my best resource for system development?

9. Celebrate and worship together

Worship is an important component in what we are doing. Worship, that God is near, is key. Moving this ahead is often a struggle.

Questions to consider:

  • What are my best tools for moving worship ahead?
  • What is interfering most with making this happen?

10. Reproduction – embracing a kingdom focus

Reproduction, even multiplication, are hard ideas and hard in life. Some of the more simple concepts related to this topic are: Fractal thinking; explore chaos and anti-fragile ideas, seeing where they intersect with church planting movement ideas. There are many sources for these ideas – even begin by googling them.

Questions to consider:

  • How can I best immerse myself into these ideas?
  • Where can all this take me?
  • Am I ready to go there?

11. Lead and manage as you grow

Our need to form a non-directive coaching culture is key. To lead and empower the key leader to more and more in their Jesus vision, deeper and deeper in their walk with Jesus Christ, coaching is the best tool to do so.

Questions to consider:

  • How do I best engage a coaching culture?
  • Where do I find the best coaching culture/tools?

12. Cultivate continuous multiplication

The fun is here, but so is the chaos and weirdness that comes with such things. If I am a person who is after order or linear process in this phase, sorry – it is not going to be here yet.

Questions to consider:

  • How am I doing with all the chaos around me?
  • What are proving to be the most effective healthy moves for my team and myself?
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