GSE First Six Steps

In our network, we have our simple pathway to be sure we do not miss any critical steps. The first six steps in our regional pathway are:

1. Pray

Where does your prayer focus take you?

Who do you want to join you on this journey?

2. Identify a Gatherer

Be sure you understand gathering and gatherers.

  • Read Gathering to Movement: Gathering as essential to our culture.
  • Enroll in GSE training;
  • Use the gatherer assessment

3. Understand local context

The key to understanding the local context is to connect with a gatherer in the area where you are burdened to start a church. The gatherer is a native or local person who naturally understands the particular issues we face in starting a church.

Who is your gatherer?

Where can you find a gatherer?

4. Prepare

As you spend time with the gatherer, listen carefully to what is forming in their heart and mind. As the vision unfolds and becomes clear from them, you are ready to go.

  • What is the vision for this new church?
  • Who are the key families the gatherer wishes to bring to this new church birthing?

5. Match a gatherer with a shepherd and coach

Partner your gatherer with a shepherd to begin the new church. Once the gatherer-shepherd partnership happens, church begins in two weeks.

  • Who is the shepherd?
  • How can you best connect your gatherer and shepherd?

6. New church establishment

As the church begins, pray for 3 more new families to join. Twelve or more families come along later in the process.

GSE Pathway (PDF)


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