A Gatherer’s Target

Gatherers have a natural advantage over most others. Gatherers gather those like themselves. Where they live and who they are shows us the kind of people they will gather. Their natural gathering side and wiring also open doors to two target groups.

1) We want gatherers to gather from the harvest.

2) We want gatherers to gather from the de-churched, that is, those who are born again, but have no connection to the local church.

We desire those already in a good Bible believing church to stay there and work in the mission field there. Church planting is not the reshuffling of the Christian deck. Taking Christians from this church to put them in that church is not church planting unless the mission of Jesus is so strong that they reach out into the harvest.

Who do you know from the harvest?

Who do know in the de-churched world?

How can you best gather them in?

Let’s talk.