A Network is a Movement

What I call a network is what Steve Addison calls a movement: “A movement (or network) is a group of people committed to a common cause. There is a difference between a ministry and a movement. A ministry is what you can achieve helped by others. The vision is limited to your sphere of control. A movement (or network) mobilizes people to act without your direct supervision.” (Addison, The Rise and Fall of Movements, p 23).

Vision USA is a network, a movement is you will, of gatherers, shepherds and elders. Some establish new churches; some revitalize existing churches through the GSE process. In any event, we lay the template Scripture over who we are and what we do; we seek the Spirit’s leading and focus on Jesus’ mission; then we adapt to what God is showing us.

As a result, we connect with leaders who are open to risk. These dear brothers and sisters are more contagious than Covid. They are gatherers, regional gatherers even, and they gather people toward rapid mobilization. Moving forward takes work. But boy is it fun!

God has given Vision USA networks in Mexico, Northern California, Virginia, Florida, and at least one other country and one or two small beginnings.

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