Why We Don’t Plant Churches

Why don’t we start churches in America?

1) Windshield Survey – The Windshield Survey is the general perception I get as I drive around my neighborhood. When I drive, I see a church building on almost every corner. I quickly conclude that we have plenty of churches and don’t need to start new ones. (I wish this was true, but there are no areas of our country that are over churched.)

2) Church is too complicated – Most churches are very complicated from an operations perspective. Whether due to its size or its adopted process, I perceive of church as beyond my ability to lead or manage and thus beyond my desire to start.

3) I am too busy – This is the big winner of the day. I have been in regions where nothing happens because everyone who has engaged to this point is already too busy doing what Jesus wants them to do. Their work is Jesus based, they are not wasting their time; but they are too busy.

What does Jesus want us to do?

How do I best overcome my busyness?

How do I best help others to overcome these and other barriers?

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