A GSE processed church start is a new church that is started using our Gatherer/shepherd/elder process.

This process is a quick, no cost way to start as many churches as you wish and have a need for. This process is about two thousand years old, so nothing new about it.

We discover or find a gatherer – a gatherer is a people magnet, someone who engages people easily and well; we team them with a person with a shepherding gift and after a brief training, church can begin in as short as two weeks. We bring in an elder down the road to take the new church that is started to its further establishment.

As of this writing the Lord has given to us 400+ new church starts and new churches in our network with about 375 GSE processed.

What is a key next step to discover more about this for my network? When do I begin this?

Thanks Todd S for your pictures!