What can I do to foster a church planting movement in my region?

There are many things to consider but consider this one:

  1. Any person
  2. Any place
  3. Any time

Any Person – who can start a church? Only seminary trained individuals? I hope not! I believe that any person who knows Jesus, and is on a real journey to Jesus can start a church.

Any Place – we need churches everywhere. I am not aware of any place in the USA where there are too many born again people, I am not aware of any city, town, region or area in America that has too many churches.

Any Time – it seems clear to me that ‘now’ is the time. Not tomorrow, not after enough training, not after I bury my relatives (Luke 9:57-62; 2 Cor 6:1-2) – but ‘now.’

Coaching questions to consider: 

  • How about you?
  • With whom would you begin?
  • Where would you begin?
  • When would you begin?