Evangelists and Gatherersmostafa-meraji-Babuf4BkpdM-unsplash

Evangelists and Gatherers

How do gatherers compare to evangelists? Is one better than the other for church planting or discipleship? An evangelist is a gifted person Jesus has given to the church (Ephesians 4:11-16). Evangelists are men and women who incessantly share…
A network is a movement

A Network is a Movement

What I call a network is what Steve Addison calls a movement: “A movement (or network) is a group of people committed to a common cause. There is a difference between a ministry and a movement. A ministry is what you can achieve helped by…
gathering blueberries

A Gatherer’s Target

Gatherers have a natural advantage over most others. Gatherers gather those like themselves. Where they live and who they are shows us the kind of people they will gather. Their natural gathering side and wiring also open doors to two target…
the church and covid

The Church and Covid

We are living in the day of the church and Covid. Covid is a call to change. It’s a “gray rhino” event, “a highly probable, high impact yet neglected threat...” (Michele Wucker) It challenges us to think differently about our Sunday…
virtual discipleship

Virtual Discipleship

In challenging times, God opens doors to virtual discipleship. While we social distance to battle Covid, we detour into different disciple making avenues. After countless hours of Zoom, I can share some benefits of virtual discipleship. Ask…
rabbit churches or elephant churches?

Church Starting Process, pt 2

What do you have a lot of? In a previous blog post, I discussed the need for a church starting process that matches what I have a whole lot of, and I have a whole lot of no money. How about you? What do you have a whole lot of to use to…