reasons to plant churches

Reasons to Plant Churches

There are many reasons to plant churches – both biblical and personal. Here are three. 1) Too many people are lost and heading into a Christless eternity. Common understanding is this: starting new churches is the most effective way to…
why we don't plant churches

Why We Don’t Plant Churches

Why don't we start churches in America? 1) Windshield Survey – The Windshield Survey is the general perception I get as I drive around my neighborhood. When I drive, I see a church building on almost every corner. I quickly conclude that…
why plant churches in the US

Why Plant Churches in the U.S.?

Some people who are involved in a healthy church might scratch their heads when asked about starting a new church. Why would we do that? Our church is a good one, why don’t they all just come here? One thing to consider is this: Do I really…
what is a GSE church

What is a GSE Church?

A GSE church start is a new church that uses the Gatherer/Shepherd/Elder process. This process is a quick, no cost way to start churches. The process is about two thousand years old. Begin with a Gatherer – a people magnet, someone who…

What Is Church?

As I  travel, I ask this question and simply listen to other Christian leaders define church. The answers are intriguing. What I hear most is that church is beautiful and amazing. Jesus made church so adaptive to what she needs to be that…

One a Day

Here We Go! There are many blogs out there; some of them are good, some even very good. I am going to begin one about what we are doing in Vision USA Church Planting for these reasons: We live in a day of change. Our day of change requires…