There are a number of examples of gatherers in the NT. I am blogging on a few of these examples in the next few blog posts.

Let us begin with Jesus – He does all things well, He gathers to His own mission.

Please keep in mind that a gatherer is not an evangelist – see other blogs (yet to come).

In John 1:35-51 we see two examples of Jesus gathering people to His mission:

1) John 1:35-42: In this passage, we see John the Baptists standing with Andrew and one other disciple (I believe John). Jesus walks by and John the Baptist declares Jesus as the Messiah. Andrew and John follow Jesus, spend time with Him and realize who He is – John the Baptist was right.

Andrew then goes and finds his brother Peter and brings him to meet Jesus. Thus, Andrew gatherers Peter to Jesus’ mission. Peter comes and meets Jesus and they have a fairly transformational conversation. Gathering has occurred: Jesus meets Andrew and John, Andrew goes off and gathers Peter.

2) John 1:43-51: The very next day, Jesus sees Philip and tells him to ‘follow Him.’ He does. Philip then goes to town and gathers Nathanael to Jesus.

Each of these examples ends with the third person who is gathered – what I mean is this: Jesus gatherers someone; the person gathered by Jesus gatherers someone else.

Each example ends with the third person coming. Hebrew thinking tells us that when it goes to this extent, it continues – to this day!

Questions to consider:

  • Who else in Scripture do you see as a gatherer?
  • Who do you know today that is a gatherer?