Here We Go!

There are many blogs out there; some of them are good, some even very good. I am going to begin one about what we are doing in Vision USA Church Planting for these reasons:

We live in a day of change.

Our day of change requires that we engage other processes to reach people in Jesus’ harvest.

I am convinced that what we believe about the harvest must drive how we engage our work in the harvest.

In other words, if I believe the harvest is large, then I will put many resources into it; if I believe the harvest is small, I will put few resources into it. In other words, I am not going to allow what I see or believe about my existing church to determine what I do about the harvest. If I believe the harvest is white and ready, then . . .

So, what work am I doing proactively in the harvest?

We live in a day of incredible opportunity!

We have so many ways to engage the harvest and start new churches – more than we have had in a long time.

Movemental things happen at the hands of the church family.

Let us release the church family to start churches – it is time. We are seeking one a day in all the regions in which we work (Acts 16:5).

I am writing this new blog because I want you to come along with us on the journey and be a key part. There are many perishing – heading into a Christ-less eternity! Any person, any place, any time – calls for you!

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