It’s a Process

by Matt Frazier-VUSA Field Team   Why Models? Businesses often use models to describe the way they generate income through a blend of strategies, organizational structure, practices, and systems. Church models have been used to develop an understanding of how to structure spiritual formation for success. So why has Vision USA decided to adopt the Read More

What is Church?

Vision USA is committed to planting new churches and revitalizing existing ones through the GSE Process.   What is church? Is this a question you have ever asked or are you one who says, “I can’t define it, but I’ll know it when I see it”? As I travel, I ask this question and listen as Read More

What can Teens do for Jesus?

What does Jesus expect from a teenager? How much do WE expect from the under 20 set? What can teens do for Jesus? Can someone so young carry out Jesus’ mission? This question fascinates me. Today, we find younger and younger people in leadership positions. Can the emphasis on youth carry over into the realm Read More

The Great Barrier

If church planting is meant to be as simple as Jesus taught, what is the problem? Why are we not all doing it? If ordinary people are supposed to do it, what is hindering us? There are many answers, but I want to explore just one today. I won’t traverse all of Scripture, but will Read More

GSE Church or Small Group?

What is the difference between the Vision USA Church Planting network using GSE to start churches and other kinds of church ministries such as small groups and missional communities which are not designed to stand alone as church? Since church is always a choice and what we do in GSE is different, please watch this Read More

Shepherds and Elders

I have already touched on the Gatherer – the G in a GSE processed church start. When we begin a church using GSE, we pair an Ephesians 4:11 gifted Shepherd with the Gatherer to begin the new church. We need these two people to start a church. The shepherd has one overriding job – to Read More