The Shepherd: Where Everything Changes

There are a great many metrics one uses to determine the success of a GSE processed church. There are baptisms, conversions, numbers, and so on. One of my favorite personal joys is the connection and relationship between the Gatherer and the Shepherd. Scriptures define the Shepherd in the GSE relationship. Through God’s given Word we Read More

The Gatherer

  by Matt Frazier-VisionUSA Field Team   We look to examine the Gatherer this month as we continue to learn about the three roles of the GSE Process (Gatherer, Shepherd, and Elder). The Gatherer is the one role that is not specifically named in the Bible. However, the concept saturates the New Testament. In fact, Read More

The Role of the Shepherd

When we talk about a GSE Process church, we are referring to the three roles we consider vital to a new church plant: the Gatherer, the Shepherd, and the Elder. In last month’s blog, we discussed the role of the Elder. Today let’s look at the role of the Shepherd in the GSE process. A Read More

GSE Elders Provide Longevity and Stability

by Jason Brown   In a GSE processed church, elder provides longevity and stability. GSE processed churches pray to appoint elders without compromise because the reputation of the elder becomes the reputation of the local church. Scriptures articulate the need for an untarnished reputation, so the decision to engage an elder should never be rushed. Read More

It’s a Process

by Matt Frazier-VUSA Field Team   Why Models? Businesses often use models to describe the way they generate income through a blend of strategies, organizational structure, practices, and systems. Church models have been used to develop an understanding of how to structure spiritual formation for success. So why has Vision USA decided to adopt the Read More

What is Church?

Vision USA is committed to planting new churches and revitalizing existing ones through the GSE Process.   What is church? Is this a question you have ever asked or are you one who says, “I can’t define it, but I’ll know it when I see it”? As I travel, I ask this question and listen as Read More