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Biblical Gatherers – Jesus

Jesus is a primary example of a New Testament gatherer. He gathers to His own mission. In John 1:35-51 we see two examples of Jesus gathering people to His mission: 1)  In John 1:35-42, John the Baptists stands with Andrew and one other disciple (I believe John). Jesus walks by and John the Baptist declares […]

GSE Final Six Steps

The final six steps follow in this order: 7. Listen for and discover the Elder The elder (1 Timothy 3/Titus 1) is key to the church’ss establishment. Elders do many things, but one thing they do without effort is bring longevity to the new church. Questions to consider: Who is the best elder candidate to become […]

GSE First Six Steps

In our network, we have our simple pathway to be sure we do not miss any critical steps. The first six steps in our regional pathway are: 1. Pray Where does your prayer focus take you? Who do you want to join you on this journey? 2. Identify a Gatherer Be sure you understand gathering […]

GSE Saturation Goals

At Vision USA Church Planting, our primary desire is to connect relationally to at least one leader who has a desire to reach the lost in their region. We use a pathway to break down what may be viewed as an impossible task into twelve much smaller next steps. First, let’s look at Saturation Goals, […]

3 ANYs of Church Planting

What can I do to foster a church planting movement in my region? Any Person – who can start a church? Only seminary trained individuals? I hope not! I believe any person who knows Jesus, and is on a real journey to Jesus can start a church. Any Place – we need churches everywhere. I […]