There are many reasons to start churches – both biblical and personal. I am mentioning three and I would love to hear from you your reasons to start churches:

1) I know too many people who are lost and are heading into a Christ-less eternity. Common understanding is this: starting new churches is the most effective way to reach in to the harvest!

2) Jesus Christ wants this and thus it fits my new vision. I am sparing you the theological expression – it resides in many books, including both of mine – Raising Rabbits not Elephants and Gathering to Movement: Gathering as Essential to our Culture; oh yeah, in the Bible too.

3) Since church can have a very simple expression, I am able to be a part of this amazing harvesting engagement. It can actually be fun and simple to reproduce!

Questions to consider:

  • Who are some of the people you know heading into a Christ-less eternity?
  • What is your current and thus future vision?
  • How simple can church be?
  • What am I going to do with all this?
  • What is my next step to move this ahead?