Build a Gathering Culture in an Established Church

What we do

Our goal is to build a gathering culture in your church family. This involves either expanding the existing gathering culture or the formation of a new gathering culture.

Why we do this

We desire to see more proactive gathering done by the entire church family, resulting in more people present at your church to hear the gospel and become followers of Jesus.

How we do it

We accomplish these objective by two means:

  1. One half-day (4 hours) training
  • Focus on biblical examples of gathering
  • Examine the practical application of gathering
  • Group Coaching: The last hour of the training is a group coaching time setting forth next steps.
  1. Ongoing coaching of your key leader, pastor, and perhaps a team of people from the church family for eleven coaching sessions after the initial training.

How we measure success

We are successful when 30% of the church family are actively gathering others. Your pastor and team oversee this effort and track it. Your pastor also is coached in the pursuit of this work; when testimony of gathering is shared; when new people attend as this culture is built.

The ultimate goal is for more people in your church family to be in Jesus conversations with people all around them. Success is not necessarily defined by the number of people who are now coming to your church, as much as by the number of people who are now engaging people in gathering conversations.

Who should be trained?

Anyone you think should – the more the better. The goal is to begin to build a culture of gathering that has attendant to it the formation of a shared vocabulary. As we are able to build this vocabulary and work together to this goal of gathering we witness a culture built in the church.

What will it cost?

There is a set financial fee for the ½ day training event and the follow up eleven coaching conversations. It is a one-year relationship. We can talk through the finances and form a contract from which to operate. The GSE process will also costs time, energy, and attention as you move more actively in Jesus’ mission.

Contact us if you are interested in training for your team.

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