(Read Part 1 of the GSE Regional Pathway)

In our network, we have our simple pathway. This pathway is to help us make sure we do not miss any ‘crictical’ steps. Here is the GSE Regional Pathway, read over the first six steps here: GSE Pathway (PDF)

The first six steps in our regional pathway are:

1. Conception – Talk with the Spirit in Prayer

In the atmosphere and context of prayer, focus on the four steps listed here. This often belongs to the regional leader, or another leader who desires to move harvest work ahead.

A key is to know well what our threshold definition of church is: I call it the 3/5 focus of church. You can see more of it in my book: Gathering to Movement: Gathering as essential to our culture. 

Coaching questions to consider: 

  • Where is your regional, saturation prayer focus taking you?
  • Who do you want to join you on this regional journey?

2. Identify a Gatherer//find one/know one:

Make sure you understand what the Bible says about gathering and gatherers. Three easy ways to take next steps:

3. Understand local context:

The key to understanding the local context is to connect with a gatherer in the area where you are burdened to start a church. The gatherer is a native or local person living there who naturally understands the particular issues we face in starting a church. We must understand the ways we have available to understand this information.

Questions to consider:

  • Who do I see as my gatherer in this place?
  • Where should I go to discover such a person?

4. Preparation//a new church start:

In this step, we have our gatherer or gatherers. As I spend time with the gatherer, as I train this gatherer for their work, I must listen carefully to what is forming in their heart and mind. As I see the vision unfolding and becoming clear from them, we are ready to go.

Questions to consider:

  • What is the vision for this new church?
  • Who are the key families the gatherer wishes to bring along in this new church birthing?

5. Match a gatherer with a shepherd and coach:

This step is of course key – I need to partner my Gatherer with a Shepherd to begin the new church. Once the G-S partnership has happened, church begins in two weeks.

Questions to consider:

  • Who is my shepherd?
  • How can I best connect my gatherer and shepherd?

6. New church and establishment:

In this step, as the church begins and we have a new church start (we have the person and place the church is starting and we have the spiritual activity toward a new church forming), we look at metrics praying for 3 more new families to join us, leading to twelve and more families coming along later in this process.

GSE Pathway (PDF)