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Two 2-hour Zoom sessions
$199 per student

Learn all you need to know to start churches using Gatherers, Shepherds and Elders. You need no money to begin a church with this process – any person, any place, any time – start a church. Video and reading assignments precede the class.


1. Understand the 3/5 definition of church.

2. Understand the GSE process, especially who a Gatherer is.

3. Understand the one a day regional vision.

4. Do it.

Six topics

1. Understanding the essence of GSE

2. Who is a Gatherer

3. Who is a Shepherd

4. Who is an Elder

5. Metrics for biblical success

6. Communication and coaching

Includes Books:

Raising Rabbits, Not Elephants 

Gathering to Movement: Gathering as Essential to our Culture

For more information about GSE Plant, or to sign up for an online class, contact Matt.