One two-hour Zoom session
$99 per student

This class builds on the GSE Plant and subsequent GSE Establish Classes.

In GSE Multiply, we focus on “non-addition” thinking in regional church planting. We focus on regions with intentional, multiplication drive.

Outcomes from this training

1. Expand our network with new and original work on GSE concepts.

2. Build upon and improve existing GSE concepts.

3. Invest more in evaluating our regions and their movement ahead.

4. Intentionally target regional growth based on this evaluation.

To achieve these outcomes, we examine four topics

1. How can we best run at the speed of trust?

2. How can we engage in more intentional regional church planting?

3. What do key partnerships and careful partnership building look like in your region?

4. How can we best coach and train coaches in your region?