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One two-hour Zoom session
$99.00 per student

In 301 GSE Expanse, we focus on the intentional pursuit of one new church per day in each region where we work, while connecting with others who desire the same.


1. Position you on a journey to pursue one a day.

2. Demonstrate how we can pursue one a day together.

3. Accomplish one a day through GSE team formation.

4. Learn to recognize seasons – the beginning and ending of one a day seasons or movement ahead from nothing to one a day.

5. Understand and engage the GSE Regional Pathway.

Four topics

1. Complex adaptive systems – this is what scientists are calling this newest field of science. In this field, scientists look at “the face of God,” and record what they see and hear. These expressions are fractal thinking, the role chaos theory plays in church planting, anti-fragile thinking, the role systems play in our work as well as how complex adaptive systems help understand true multiplication.

2. Acts – we explore the six panels of Acts, looking at the six summary verses and the concepts behind these summaries by Luke. These ideas lead to a church a day in the fourth panel – Acts 16:5. How can we glean from these thoughts to help us today?

3. What is my response? When I look at the face of God, I need to generate an appropriate response to Him and for Him. How can I best relate and explore this in my life and time?

4. GSE regional pathway – we explore this one page pathway in some detail.