The History of GSE Church Planting

Tony and Cathy WebbTony and Cathy Webb had a vision many years ago to start churches, and had planted four by 1995. The Webbs joined with other leaders and formed an organization called Vision Ohio, working with churches to expand the outreach.

After much study, Tony recognized two main problems with church planting.

1.) Adding churches one by one is not as effective as multiplying churches.

2.) Financial cost is great and often a barrier.

God gave Tony the wisdom and discernment to answer these challenges; as a result, the first Gatherers, Shepherds and Elders (GSE) church was born in 2007. Now Tony travels nationally and internationally to train and inspire believers to start church multiplication movements with the vision — any person, any place, any time. The GSE church planting process doesn’t cost a cent, just an investment of time and energy in order to pray and engage people with the love and Gospel of Jesus.

Church Planting Networks

  • USA: God is giving movement in 27 states. Since the first GSE processed church in Ohio in 2007, there have been 912 new church starts and new churches, and 46 established churches engaging GSE in their applications. Please pray for:
  • Mexico: Jon and Mindy move the gospel forward.
  • Haiti/Bahamas: God is starting new churches among the Haitians in both Haiti and Bahamas.
  • Gambia: Joe and Cyndi  are starting churches using GSE.
  • Ginea-Bissau: Pastor Brad (Winchester, VA) continues to minister in Ginea-Bissau and launch new churches.
  • Calgary, Canada: James desires to start many churches using GSE with his Faith at Work marketplace ministry.
  • Undisclosed Locations: The gospel is spreading and GSE is impacting existing churches.
  • New Countries Coming – Lord willing – in 2021. God continues to give favor in conversations with various denominational leaders with whom Vision USA hopes to partner. One of these conversations may lead to 10-12 new countries engaging in GSE.

An Overview of

the GSE Process

A sample of our online training

The 3/5 Focus

of Church

A sample of our online training

A GSE Church Planting Success

“As regional leaders in Mexico working to encourage and equip pastors and leaders, we have struggled to create a culture of church planting. There are so many tools and forms, that one can easily get bogged down with the details and forget the simplicity of what Church is. GSE has helped to clarify, simplify and enable us to teach a method that just works. 

In the last year and a half we have held several training sessions on GSE in Spanish (JCG), and have developed a team of regional leaders and field team members who are excited about starting new churches.

People who were stuck in the mode of building a single church full of programs are now reaching others with a real and genuine form of church.

Lives have been changed by making connections with people because of Jesus. We are seeing new disciples, not just rearranging God’s furniture by wooing people from another church.

The first 3 years we were here, we started 2 churches using different methods, which was not bad. With GSE, we have seen 5 new churches born in the last 18 months. Many more churches have been born in the hearts of leaders, which are still working to get going. Our network of people is growing and the excitement of the movement is building.

GSE, has been a blessing in our lives by who they are, how they approach people and ministry, and the things we have learned from them over this journey. It’s great to know we are never alone in this process. Of course we have God with us.

Also we have Coaches who care about us and walk us through the hard times in starting a church. The fellowship among the GSE network is also growing, and we know there is help around the corner. We feel so loved by the GSE international community, and we are so happy with the success God has given through GSE.”          ~Jon

GSE is great because it’s simple.

First it defines church at its essence – being and doing – and nothing more.

Second it builds upon strengths and assets that you already have – relationships and connections where you live and work.

Next it creates a process to replicate success over and over again with quick wins that encourage the leaders and attenders alike.

Ultimately, it puts all the focus on Jesus. Without Him nothing is possible, and if He doesn’t show up, everything could fall flat – but He always does.

What God Has Given Us


New Church Starts/New Churches
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Geographic Regions in Which We Are Working

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Established Churches Engaging GSE Ideas to Form a Gathering Culture

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