Everything good starts with a conversation.

YOU are important to us. You can make a difference if you will let God use you for His glory!

We would love to talk with you about what God is putting on your heart for your region.

Let’s Talk!

Get to know

Tell us your story and how God is working in your life. We like to hear how God is “messing” with people!

  • Tell us about yourself and what God is putting on your heart.
  • Let us ask you questions about your situation.
  • Feel free to ask us about what we do.
  • Let us coach you through the next few weeks and see where God leads us.
  • You might need time to talk with others in your region, so this process may take a few weeks.
  • You might want us to come and give a presentation to help you and others see the possibilities.
  • If we visit you, we would like to meet others in your region who share your interests.
  • We will explain what it means were we to take the next step of establishing a relationship.


You will have a chance to talk with us about what we do and how we might best work with your situation. This may turn into several conversations and time between so that you can speak with others who might want to work together with you.


This conversation we are talking about starting here today costs you nothing, but it may lead to something that will cost many a lot, for His Kingdom is not built apart from blood, sweat, and tears . . . and money. That’s why Jesus exhorts us to “count the cost” and this conversation will help you see what that might be, depending on your situation.