We are a national network of church leaders committed to the development of regional church planting movements.

We are not willing to wait for a silver bullet or super leader to appear before we obey the Great Commission.
We believe God can use any person, man or woman, to begin the formation of new churches at any place
(homes, public buildings, rented facilities, work places, play places, open-air place) however the Spirit may lead at any time.

Our Mission

Ultimately, our mission is to reach lost people and disciple them to be faithful followers of Jesus. The task is daunting and requires church leaders to work together for the purpose of taking the church and its message of hope and salvation to people everywhere. Not everyone in the church is burdened to accomplish this mission, but we work with those who ARE, regardless of their titles or employment. Immediately then, our mission is to work with leaders to create sustainable regional networks that pursue a church-a-day in their regional context.

What God Has Given Us


New Church Starts/New Churches
in Our GSE Network
Since 2007

(as of June 2020)


Geographic Regions in Which We Are Working

(USA and Internationally
– as of June 2020)


Established Churches Engaging GSE Ideas to Form a Gathering Culture

(as of June 2020)

“So the churches were being strengthened in the faith

and were increasing in number every day.”

– Acts 16:5 NET


Check out a testimonial from one of our GSE Regional Leaders! God is doing great things through this wonderful couple and their work in Mexico.

“As regional leaders in Mexico working to encourage and equip pastors and leaders, we have struggled to create a culture of church planting. There are so many tools and forms, that one can easily get bogged down with the details and forget the simplicity of what Church is. GSE has helped to clarify, simplify and enable us to teach a method that just works. 

In the last year and a half we have held several training sessions on GSE in Spanish (JCG), and have developed a team of regional leaders and field team members who are excited about starting new churches.

We have seen people who were stuck in the mode of building a single church full of programs move to reaching people where they are with a real and genuine form of church.

We are seeing lives changed by making connections with people because of Jesus. We are seeing new disciples, not just rearranging God’s furniture by wooing people from another church.

The first 3 years we were here, we started 2 churches using different methods, which was not bad. We have seen 5 new churches born in the last 18 months with GSE. We have seen many more that were born in the hearts of leaders, which are still working to get going. Our network of people is growing and the excitement of the movement is building.

We have a vision to start 20 new churches by 2020,

and we now believe God will exceed that number greatly due to the tool we have in GSE.

What makes GSE great is the simplicity of it.

First it defines church at its essence – being and doing – and nothing more.

Second it builds upon strengths and assets that you already have – relationships and connections where you live and work.

Next it creates a process to replicate success over and over again with quick wins that encourage the leaders and attenders alike.

Ultimately, it puts all the focus on Jesus. Without Him nothing is possible, and if He doesn’t show up, everything could fall flat – but He always does!

GSE, and especially Tony and Cathy Webb, have been a blessing in our lives by who they are, how they approach people and ministry, and the things we have learned from them over this journey. It’s great to know we are never alone in this process. Of course we have God with us.

Also we have Coaches who care about us and walk us through the hard times in starting a church. The fellowship among the GSE network is also growing, and we know there is help around the corner. We feel so loved by the GSE international community, and we are so happy with the success God has given through GSE.”